The Group

The purpose of The Spiritual Challenge of Islam: Beliefs and Doctrines is the spiritual preparation of Christians of all ages to share the Gospel effectively in today’s changing world. Who can benefit from this study?

  • teenagers, persons entering college and the workplace for the first time, young parents with school-age children, median adults, senior adults, grandparents, church and family leadership, and the church staff

In addition, individual participants can help motivate the congregation in mission outreach locally, nationwide, and internationally.  

Essentials of biblical history and Christian doctrines are used to address Islamic teachings and current Muslim practices. 


Study Book:                                            The Spiritual Challenge of Islam

In 2012, The Beckett Center published The Spiritual Challenge of Islam: Beliefs and Doctrines to be used by churches to help their church members understand Islam from a Christian perspective. The book compares and contrasts Christian and Islamic beliefs and doctrines. It is a ten-session unit, which includes the following topics of study in Christianity and Islam: Doctrine, God, Sin, Resurrection and Judgment, Jesus and the Ascension, The Holy Spirit, Worship, Prayer, and Marriage. This study was written by two ordained clergymen with knowledge of and practical experience with Islam and Muslims. The content challenges participants to learn, grow in faith, and develop competency as Christ’s witnesses.