The Research Library at The Beckett Center contains many authoritative sources on Islam and Christianity, a portion of which are pictured here. The resources may be used by individuals who make prior arrangements to work at the center.

Research Library

The research library at the Center contains an entire shelf of various commentaries on the Qur’an. Although not a lending library, the library provides a variety of sources from Muslims, Christians, and non-Muslims who are authors of various backgrounds. Resources in The Beckett Center have been collected (many unfiled or not yet displayed) for over a period of fifty years.

The library is a place for research and discussion regarding the resources. Appointments may be made for the purpose of using the facility and its holdings.


Sample Resources

ALI, Abdullah Yusuf. (2006). The Meaning of The Holy Qur'an. Beltsville, Maryland: Amana Publications. (Original work published 1989).

BRASWELL, George W. Jr. (1996). Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics, and Power. Nashville, Tennessee: Broadman & Holman.

DAVIES, Kristian. (2005). The Orientalists. New York: LAYNFAROH.

ERNST, Carl W. (2011). How to Read the Qur'an. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press.

ESPOSITO, John L. (Ed. in Chief). (1995).The Encylcopedia of the Muslim World. VOLS 1-4. New York: Oxford University Press.

NASR, Seyyed Hossein. (2007). The Garden of Truth. New York: HarperOne.