The Qur'an board, on display in the Africa room, has been used through the years in Northern Africa to help children learn to write the Arabic alphabet and to memorize their daily prayers from the Qur'an in Arabic.

Our Mission

To educate and equip Christians to share the grace of Jesus Christ with Muslims

Opportunitites Offered by The Beckett Center

The Beckett Center offers you, your family, your church and church groups, home schooled classes, and organizations a variety of resources to assist you in communicating the Christian faith with others in your own communities. We recommend that you:

  • TOUR our display areas and research library for a visual presentation of the influences of Islam around the world and the varied cultural expressions of Islamic nations.

  • ATTEND conferences and classes at The Beckett Center to learn about Islam: its origin and history; beliefs, doctrines, and traditions; personages; and the Qur’an and other important sources of authority.
  • SCHEDULE classes and presentations for your church. These could be sermons, seminars, discussions, or other ways of informing your church.
  • LEARN how to participate in an interfaith dialogue in your locale. This will enable you to build bridges of understanding and trust so that Muslims will hear your message.
  • RECEIVE The Beckett Center's newsletter (Christians Understanding Islam) to help your family, associates, and church stay informed about the world of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.