Q: What is The Beckett Center for Christian Understanding of Islam?

A: The center is an educational organization that equips Christians through lectures, classes, visits into the community, and other programs to understand the spiritual challenge of Islam, the importance of knowing those who live in their communities, and the possibility of establishing productive relationships across cultural and religious identities.

The center is a ministry of the Foundation for Advanced Study and Training (FAST), established in 1994, as a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational organization.

Q: How can I support the center?

A: All funds come from donations from supportive individuals and sometimes groups, such as mission groups, associations, and churches. If you would like to contribute to The Beckett Center, you may use PayPal by following the PayPal link of this web site or mail your donation (made out to FAST) to The Beckett Center, P.O. Box 71144, Richmond, VA 23255.

Donations to the center are tax deductible. 

Q: How can I become involved?

A: The center uses volunteers to perform many tasks. Persons with specialized knowledge and others interested in volunteering should contact the center to discuss available opportunities. Examples are people willing to file and/or help with word processing, lead tours of the display areas, arrange or design displays, do research, arrange and maintain the center's Research Library, and be present in the center to greet visitors.

Another type of involvement is personal participation in the programs offered by the center throughout the year.

And, of course, individuals may make donations to the center to enable it to continue to fulfill its educational mission.

Q: Is the center officially associated with any Christian denomination?

A: No. The Beckett Center is nondenominational and welcomes peoples of all denominational backgrounds as well as people of other faiths. Our mission is directed toward the development of Christian understanding of Islam and the sharing of the Gospel with Muslims.

Q: When is the center open?

A. The Beckett Center is open from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday and in the mornings on Fridays. For tours or to talk with directors or volunteers, visitors are requested to call to schedule their visits.  Appointments can also be made for weekends, afternoons, and evenings. Group tours should be scheduled in advance. The Beckett Center's phone number is (804) 545-1053.